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Hello there !

I have a question for you,

What if this life has only have been created for you to realize your dreams?

If you were totally free, with no limits or obligations,

What would you be doing right now?

Singing? Traveling? Acting? Writing?

Would you be a teacher? a CFO? A fireman?

Are you happy? Are you chasing your dreams? Are you working on your goals?

This blog is for me a new revelation, a new project to get closer to my dreams and to become the person that I want.

I’m a 26 years old French girl and I want to share with you inspiring content: pictures, quotes, songs about different topics that I love : fashion, decoration, travel, restaurants …

After working for 4 years as a financial controller I’ve decided to fight for what I really want and what would make me happy.

So I went back to school for a Master 2 in Brand and Innovation Management and I’m working as a Project Coordinator on special brand operations for a Media group.

I’ve realized that life is passing by so fast and that nobody is coming to hold your hand to get you to the right direction, your right direction.

You need to act and fight for yourself, for what you truly want and you have to follow your guts to be happy.

This portfolio is my way to express my creativity, to inspire people and to start to create the life I dream of.

The time has come to be courageous, to face my fear and to follow my dreams.

I hope that my different contents will inspire you and will thrill your interior projects.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, please do not hesitate to write to me to share your impressions.

Enjoy guys!!